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April 2015

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Roly: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone :)
BrainStorm: Happy New Year everyone :D
jay gatsby: Happy New Year . Be back in battle soon! :)
BrainStorm: Well , Happy Brithday Jay. See you then. :-*
Bill Clements: Elite Warriors COD1 Server closed.
Bill Clements: Many thanks to our DOB friends!
PIZZA Margherita: heey mi amigos i found the ts channel
PIZZA Margherita: but how i put the server adress??
PIZZA Margherita: can somebody help me??
PIZZA Margherita: saludos..my friends :)
BrainStorm: hey Pizza, look at this article I made on how to configure Teamspeak, «link» :-*
BrainStorm: Once clicked, read down, check the print screens, easy stuff.
BloodLoss: I am thinking about being in game tonight at midnight ... to celebrate the new year by shooting the BAR into the sky, making lots of noise. Happy New Year !
BrainStorm: Happy New Year everyone !
BrainStorm: Modern Weapons mod is back ONLINE !
PIZZA Margherita: yeah amigos ..i got everything again
PIZZA Margherita: see ya guys soon think tomorrow im in game!!
PIZZA Margherita: :) 8)
BrainStorm: Nice to see you guys, Ron, Griff !!
tomhanks: hi all
BrainStorm: Hey there..
BrainStorm: Heya !! :_(
BrainStorm: Map rotation has been updated !
BrainStorm: Redirect link has been fixed !!
BrainStorm: With the kids this weekend, kinda busy, see ya Sunday night.
Gadzooks: Yo!
BrainStorm: Yooo, I'm back from my little vacation.
BrainStorm: I sent you a reply JayGatsby
PIZZA Margherita: hey Brain i can not connect to Teamspeak?? and no one play on DOB server these days?? ciao amigo, from PIZZA
BrainStorm: Pizza, we didn't change anything regarding the TS. Check the Teamspeak article just down this page.
BrainStorm: Jay Gatsby, you need to delete the DOBMW8a folder. Then reconnect.
Headshot: Ok drumroll please........I will be back on starting this weekend. So get your gear ready and be prepared to get bashed and naded ;)
BrainStorm: Really ?!? like.... really ?
BrainStorm: Back after a very busy last 5 days...! get on the server... you know the time !!!
BrainStorm: Fixed the teamspeak banners today.
BrainStorm: Teamspeak info: port 1112 , password= DOB

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  • plusice's Avatar
    Linux version of Call of Duty? should be cheap online now on amazon or ebay?
  • plusice's Avatar
    The new revolt mod will be called "Revolt Revamped" and will share one mod profile for all revisions per game. Thus one profile for CoD (SP/MP) and one for UO (SP/MP). If there is any confusions I'll move all the old Revolt Mod(s) into one profile...
  • BrainStorm's Avatar
    Well, you listed the great ones for sure. I've tried them all and are all great fun. I'm not a great fan of zombie mods but I have 2 in hand to toy around with and grab some stuff from if needed. So it's hard to add any on my side. Only...
  • BrainStorm's Avatar
    Hey , that's a great hobby. Never to 'old' to learn new things. Hopefully, one day I'll get to taste some Charon whiskey. Hope to taunt ya soon !!
  • BrainStorm's Avatar
    Scratch the redirect part. My fault. Problem fixed now.
  • BrainStorm's Avatar
    Hey Tom. Well good to hear from you. We're still playing. Check us out. The website gives all the info. Teamspeak, server i.p. Thanks and hope to catch you soon. Brain

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