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November 2014

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BrainStorm: Good to see you Punisher. BTW, one lady and that's Bella and she can kick anyone's butt... :D
Charon: I will not be able to teach you noobs how to shoot tonight as I will be at the Tom Petty concert. So your K/D ratios should improve. Least I can do.
BrainStorm: ok, new server to test. {DOB}DC
BrainStorm: Ok everyone, server information has been updated, check the banners.
BrainStorm: TS pwd is the same : DOB
Ron***: yoehoe...i am almost ready in the renovation projekt new house.....miss u guys !
BrainStorm: Heya ron. We miss you too. We miss the Legend !!! :D
dadman: Hey Jay, thanks for the new TeamSpeak link info. Now if only I can find time to play... :|
PIZZA Margherita: jooooow amigo's im back again :)
PIZZA Margherita: see ya guys in game tomorrow
BrainStorm: Hey Pizza. Check the info on the new server and Teamspeak.
BrainStorm: Thanks for the wishes everyone, you're all too kind.
Roly: Brainstorm Joyeux anniversaire ;)
PIZZA Margherita: hey..brain, where can i find the info??
PIZZA Margherita: is not the same TS adress/server ? see ya guyszz soon ,busy, taekwondo, my son 8) ..laterzzzz my amigo's eat some burritos!!
BrainStorm: Hey Pizza, check just to the left of this chat window, you'll see a banner with the I.P. in it and the port number. The password is DOB all in caps.
Turisass: PPPSSSSSTTTT.....

whats goin on guys... im sorry i havent been on lately.
i've been busy with my life, school, work etc.

i just want to let you know that im still alive :P and that i miss you all.. i have no time to play cod or any other game.

i will try to hop on TS if possible.

take care guys
Bill Clements: Hello Dawgs!
BrainStorm: Dawgs, now every evening 20H00. Try to get on the server. We'll do special brawls. :-*
BloodLoss: Hey we had a great fight going on last night at 8 .. Bill, HSW, Clown, and myself - the Kisser was on but unable to play (wonder why ?). Hope to see ya all again at 8 EST tonight and every night - Check in to help get a good game going. Everyone is welcome.
BrainStorm: Just upgraded the website to the newest, latest. In the next days/weeks the site will change as I'm working on it. :P :P
LooseFlodder: wootowoot Brain!!!! Nice job :) :)
Charon: Very nice job Brainstorm.
Gast: having issues getting on. The COD server is down or not updating... do not have favorites listed to get COD to launch. What other utilities can I use to launch COD
Gast: It is the Master server within Multiplayer that is not responding. How else to I get on. Used a utility Hglw or something like that before, but cannot find it with that spelling.
BrainStorm: Gast. Launch the game, then drop the console, hit the key left of (#1) on your keyboard. It will open a black box, type in it: /connect , then hit ENTER
Gast: Ty Freddy. Just was on..but no one there. is there a Sunday night game?
BrainStorm: yes, and one tonight
BrainStorm: Its every night now.
BrainStorm: 20H00
Gast: great see you there
BrainStorm: Gast, just sent you the TS info via email.
dadman: Looks so much different! Pretty nice. :D
dadman: But how do you post?
dadman: Oh. I see. :P Obviously I'm not the sharpest tool in the box...
belladonna: Same thing here with the masterserver. Website looks great Brain, nice job!!! Gast 20.00H Est is 5 uur smorgens voor jou :) ) I have been pretty busy too lately gentlemen but I will be back :) )

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