Happy Birthday!!

  • dadman's Avatardadman birthday is in 22 days (56)

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Ron***: «link»
Ron***: the dutch kick ass in Russia !!!
Roly: «link»
Ron***: good job Canada !!!
BrainStorm: Dadman, hope you get better soon! Drop by anytime! you could try our Teamspeak , so we can have some more chats. Take care!
BrainStorm: Btw, we play on the server weekday from 12H00 'til 01:00 p.m. , eastern.
dadman: Thanks for the perspective, Roly. I hope to come back better than ever. Unfortunately, I wasn't very good to begin with. ;)
dadman: BrainStorm, thank you also. Just missed today's session, but I'll try for tomorrow (though I have a post surgical appointment at 10AM waaay downtown. Might be Friday then… Classic or Modern?
Ron***: Get better soon Dadman !!
Roly: dadman .. try to always have a positive attitude, everyday is a beautiful day, and eat less red meat :)
Roly: just a little advice from a battle hardened vetern
dadman: Thank you Roly. A word from one who has been through the fire is always to be listened to.
Gadzooks: Hey guys. I'm still alive, its just that school and life have been a real kick in the rear lately. :)
dadman: Real Life does have a way of getting between a person and getting shot in Carentan. ;)
MarvinNL: :) you guys are still on :D
dadman: Still on, yes. But not on painkillers. :P
MarvinNL: i palyed it for years :P but i needed a break so i stoped a year with cod i will be back soon :D
MarvinNL: and i dont know you dadman but i think you are a very nice man
dadman: Thank you Marvin. :)
dadman: Sorry I disappeared from the game last Thursday, guys. Suffered a network failure. :(
BrainStorm: No problem Dadman. We all got that !!
{DOB}Griff: Hello guys, checking in to see whats going on. Like the guys above schedule hasn't allowed me to play very much over the last couple of months. I see play mostly goes on around 1200 eastern.....I am hoping my schedule allows me to play soon!!!! Have been playing on RRMS snipe now and then, seems like someones always on. Tired of getting my butt kicked. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you Dadman.!
BrainStorm: Hey Griff. Let us know around what time you can be on. I'm sure something can be arranged. I have lots of free time. :P
Headshot: Anyone gonna be on tonight? I am having withdrawls and need to shoot and get shot. Freddy...no bash for you mon ami :)
BrainStorm: Hey, Hey, yah, gonna be on this Sunday night. Got the kids this weekend. Kinda busy.!
dadman: Hey Griff, thanks for the well-wishes. I'll be heading back to work in about 4 weeks, so take this opportunity to run up you score!
PIZZA Margherita: jooow Brain see my message?? ..you play later??
BrainStorm: Yes sir I did and have replied in forums... :)
slicekisser: 5 days is way too long for communication among this happy clan of fighters!!! Spread the word man! FB and all other social media you have at hand... BUILD!!!!
PIZZA Margherita: Hi Brain, Amigos play today??
dadman: Every day at noon Eastern time, Mr. Pizza. Come on by!
LooseFlodder: happy easter
LooseFlodder: and for those on the west, also happy easter
SnoOPy: Check out my new post. Hopefully someone can make this for me. :)
dadman: Thanks LooseFlodder. You too.
dadman: Good luck with the skin, SnoOpy. I haven't a clue how to manipulate COD skins (though I could do SkyFighters1945 skins... ;) ).

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