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November 2014

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Charon: Only Dadman and I showed up for Clan Night tonight.
BloodLoss: IT IS THURSDAY .... Tonight is clan night. We will meet in TS and in game for fun banter and epic battles at 8 pm EST. Come and enjoy running through trips, getting bashed or shot up. Hear Killa talk about being a 'daddy' (really?), learn the proper way in which to express in game frustrations from Charon .... (really?). So just really show up at 8, really 8,really show up really, really be there really, OK really and i mean really. REALLY ! DINNER WILL BE SERVED.
Charon: I can teach anyone to cuss like a Texan as we are the only people in the USA who has balls still.
BloodLoss: So it is Sunday and i think i need some playtime ... lets try to get together tonight at 8 EST. What Ya think ?
speed: «link» :D
BrainStorm: Hello everyone !!!
BloodLoss: Hey
PIZZA Margherita: hello, my amigo's
PIZZA Margherita: i see ya guys in game soon ...maybe today!! Bless
Charon: Good games last night. Twas a lot of fun.
BrainStorm: Yes it was ! :-*
BrainStorm: New version to be tested on the server now. Its a partial change.
PIZZA Margherita: see ya guyszz 12 NY time,
PIZZA Margherita: ciaoooo 8)
The_Punisher: Sup ladies. I am back. I have the game installed and everything.
BrainStorm: Good to see you Punisher. BTW, one lady and that's Bella and she can kick anyone's butt... :D
Charon: I will not be able to teach you noobs how to shoot tonight as I will be at the Tom Petty concert. So your K/D ratios should improve. Least I can do.
BrainStorm: ok, new server to test. {DOB}DC
BrainStorm: Ok everyone, server information has been updated, check the banners.
BrainStorm: TS pwd is the same : DOB
Ron***: yoehoe...i am almost ready in the renovation projekt new house.....miss u guys !
BrainStorm: Heya ron. We miss you too. We miss the Legend !!! :D
dadman: Hey Jay, thanks for the new TeamSpeak link info. Now if only I can find time to play... :|
PIZZA Margherita: jooooow amigo's im back again :)
PIZZA Margherita: see ya guys in game tomorrow
BrainStorm: Hey Pizza. Check the info on the new server and Teamspeak.
BrainStorm: Thanks for the wishes everyone, you're all too kind.
Roly: Brainstorm Joyeux anniversaire ;)
PIZZA Margherita: hey..brain, where can i find the info??
PIZZA Margherita: is not the same TS adress/server ? see ya guyszz soon ,busy, taekwondo, my son 8) ..laterzzzz my amigo's eat some burritos!!
BrainStorm: Hey Pizza, check just to the left of this chat window, you'll see a banner with the I.P. in it and the port number. The password is DOB all in caps.
Turisass: PPPSSSSSTTTT.....

whats goin on guys... im sorry i havent been on lately.
i've been busy with my life, school, work etc.

i just want to let you know that im still alive :P and that i miss you all.. i have no time to play cod or any other game.

i will try to hop on TS if possible.

take care guys
Bill Clements: Hello Dawgs!
BrainStorm: Dawgs, now every evening 20H00. Try to get on the server. We'll do special brawls. :-*
BloodLoss: Hey we had a great fight going on last night at 8 .. Bill, HSW, Clown, and myself - the Kisser was on but unable to play (wonder why ?). Hope to see ya all again at 8 EST tonight and every night - Check in to help get a good game going. Everyone is welcome.
BrainStorm: Just upgraded the website to the newest, latest. In the next days/weeks the site will change as I'm working on it. :P :P

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